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Real Estate Calculators

Explore our user-friendly real estate calculators for smart property decisions. Buying a foreclosure is tough, modeling the property beforehand gives you an edge.

Yield Calculator

Calculate investment yield as the annual income percentage relative to total cost or current value using our calculator.

Cap Rate Calculator

The cap rate calculates the return rate on your real estate property investment.

Prorated Rent Calculator

Effortlessly calculate the prorated rent for moving in on any day of the month with our convenient calculator.

Net Effective Rent Calculator

Net Effective Rent is the offered landlord rent minus costs and inducements, represented as dollars per square foot, calculated using total rent, deductions, lease term, and unit size.

Rental Property Calculator

Analyze real estate investments to determine their profitability with this tool.

Rental Commission Calculator

Rental commission calculator is a valuable tool to determine the tenant-finding commission you'll incur.