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Cut through the clutter

You set the criteria, our filters do the rest. Identify properties that match your exact criteria from over thousands of off-market deals in Florida.

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Instant Results

Sort through mountains of data to grasp what is driving the market in a matter of seconds.

Custom Filters

Make the most of a dozen filter criteria to generate a property screener that works best for you.

Narrow your search

Limit the exposure and focus your attention on properties that meet your unique parameters.

Gain insight

Filter your choices to a manageable selection of properties to spot and bid on the best opportunities.

Instant Match

More filters for more precise results

Find your target companies having dozens of filter criteria at your disposal such as county, debt, yield, valuation, bedrooms, bathrooms, maps, calendars and more.

More filters for more precise results

Save your results

Save and analyze results

Store a filter for later. Load your filters and return to your search with ease. See new properties come in that meet your criteria.

Save and analyze results

1-click export

Work on your own terms

Prefer to work with CSV? No problem, you can easily download your results as well. Your filters will apply and export just the data set you want to analyze.

Work on your own terms

Time is money.
Save both on your next property purchase.

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