Product Tools

Easily analyze properties

HomeBadger's built-in tools provide the data and calculations you need to decide if a property is right for your portfolio.

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Change any parameter to help you underwrite the deal the way you want. Full control, always.

Additional Insight

We bring rent estimatation data to the table to provide you with a clear picture of cashflow.

Time-saving Impact

Tools that work with you and the data in harmony stop you from going back and forth from multiple apps.

Instant Calculation

All calculation tools provide instant results, no more waiting for data or copy and paste.


Proforma any property

Without leaving the platform you can get a view in the financial viability of any property you see. A streamlined workflow means more deals analyzed and closed.

Proforma any property

Comparable rents

Estimate property rent

No need to crawl the internet to figure out what to list your property for. Our rent estimator pulls in data from dozens of sources giving you an accurate estimate of what you can charge.

Estimate property rent

Unified Calendar View

Keep deals on schedule

A unified calendar view lets you keep on top of upcoming auctions. Uncover new deals as soon as they are posted and give yourself time to prepare.

Keep deals on schedule

Time is money.
Save both on your next property purchase.

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